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  • 13 kwietnia 2021
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Employers who recognize a union will negotiate with it the remuneration and terms of the members. At the national level, the TUC has not participated in compensation negotiations since the late 1970s, when there were a number of national agreements. There is also no tradition of negotiation between the TUC and the national confederation of employers, the CBI, on other issues. However, in 2003, the two sides agreed on how to implement the EU Information and Consultation Directive (see section on employment representation) and in 2008 an agreement was reached between the TUC and the CBI on temporary workers, ending the UK government`s opposition to a European directive on the subject. However, these agreements are the exception. With rare exceptions, it is also illegal to compile, use, sell or deliver a „blacklist” of union members who are used to discriminate against you. As a general rule, when negotiations are underway, union representatives try to reach an agreement to resolve wage issues, but are less likely to negotiate other improvements, such as leave. B, sickness benefits, etc. In Kostal UK Ltd/Dunkley e.a., the Court of Appeal found that the employer had not put in place illegal inducements by sending letters to workers asking them to consent to an wage-earning activity rejected by their union. A civil servant who is an employee of the union is often referred to as a „union official,” while lay unions or union representatives are elected or appointed to represent members at a given place or place. Union representatives are appointed by an independent union in companies where the union is known for collective bargaining. The Uk has a national minimum wage, set by the government on the advice of the Low Wages Commission, which brings together representatives of trade unions and employers as well as independent academics.

When considering the union`s application, the Court must assess many factors, including the level of union membership and the presence of other unions. Often, the Court will hold a vote between the workers concerned to decide whether recognition should be granted. Throughout the process, the focus is on obtaining a voluntary agreement. Collective bargaining with a recognized union is the best way to obtain decent wages, conditions and conditions. If you are not yet a union member, it is a good idea to join us. One of the objectives of a union is to negotiate with employers on issues concerning its members and other workers. Once a union is recognized in the workplace, its negotiations with the employer are called collective bargaining; these negotiations will focus on the terms of employment. Download the „Acas Code of Conduct on Disclosure of Information to Trade Unions for Collective Bargaining” (PDF, 469KB) There will often be several unions on the trade union side that have normally agreed on a common position in advance. In the past, where only one union was involved, this is usually due to the employer choosing to negotiate with a single union. But there can only be one union resulting from union mergers.

A union is a member-based organization (a member-based organization) and its affiliation must be predominantly made up of workers. But the law also allows hostile employers to recognize them when enough workers become unionized and support the recognition of unions.

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