South Carolina Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement

  • 12 kwietnia 2021
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LeasingIn many residential real estate transactions, the lease is established by the property manager from a standard form approved by the Association of RealTors of North Carolina. Other landlords choose to create their own leases or use alternative forms. Leasing design and negotiation, with elements other than elements on standard leasing, is complex, and the services of a lawyer are advised. Our firm can support drafting and negotiating in the event of a lease agreement. ALTA Real Estate Consumer Complaint Form Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE) „Achieving commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities, and the natural environment.” Although there is no generally accepted definition of CSR, it can be declared as a concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business activities and interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Source: Business for Social Responsibility Combined NOI in a Percentage of Combined Real Estate Revenues and EBITDA in a Percentage of Combined Real Estate Revenues These measures are divided between combined NOI or EBITDA by all real estate proceeds from continuing and non-continued operations. Integrated WorkStation Management System (IWMS) A comprehensive information management system for the management of a large number of corporate real estate activities, which typically include portfolio management, project management, facility management, occupancy management and environmental management. Return Also known as: return, increase in return/value of investment; The return on investment. The return is expressed in the form of the purchase price of this investment. Business Continuity Planning Business Continuity-Planung is a process of identification and planning to reduce risks that would affect the economic viability of the business. Mortgage Note Agreement writes for the payment of a loan, secured by a mortgage as proof of debt and with the conditions under which it must be paid. Taxes on real estate Also known as property taxes.

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