Master Wayleave Agreement

  • 27 września 2021
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Ultimately, it will be necessary to exert continuous pressure from time to time to satiate them. I mean, it won`t last forever. Me and others are happy to put pressure on my authority for the next 10 years! What are they going to do? They will eventually give up and say „YES” to the FTTP. The authorities will not be the same forever either, they will one day be replaced by a few less restrictive ones who will be happy to say yes without too much quarrels. A commercial building I attended wanted more than £3k+ attorney`s fee for operating a fiberglass via an existing cable that already had a BT-Wayleave, but the Wayleave only mentioned wires. It`s completely crazy. The project was killed. CarlT – The complete fiber automatically „removes” copper for new constructions and refurbs. The ability to complete a full transition requires a regulatory blessing, but you can start on an opt-in basis. .

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