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  • 10 kwietnia 2021
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– notes that, in its resolution of 18 January 2012 on the conclusions of the European Council of 8 and 9 December 2011, the European Parliament expresses its doubts about the need for such an intergovernmental agreement and stresses that only the Community method can transform the European Monetary Union into a genuine economic and budgetary union. his collaborators considered him a „red” and colleagues condemned him to the Gestapo, which arrested him on 13 February 1941, accusing him of spreading communist verbal propaganda. The editor of „The People`s Fight” is the son of Lucien Messan, Messan S. The fact that journalists are denied access to documents relating to the Bradley Manning investigation and parts of the witness hearing at the trial that began on June 3. Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez has publicly denounced the fact that price manipulation is underway and has nothing to do with the reality of the international market. Two of the women who did not deny having homosexual relations were charged with homosexuality. . In recent years, his quest for the reality of childhood has been a strong opposition to psychoanalysis, which remains in the old tradition of blaming the child and sparing parents by citing fantasies of abuse. No fear, no more pain no one to blame. I try to do it alone More than a month after the attack on tourists and scientists on the Erta Ale volcano, which left 5 dead, several injured and 4 people abducted, there is still no reliable news on the fate of the abductees.

He says he wanted to play a dancer, not a terrorist. That is why, as early as 1988, Alice Miller renounced her membership in the International Association of Psychoanalysis. However, he did not violate the seal of confession during torture and was therefore canonized by Pope John Paul II. during his visit to Olomouc in 1995. Habré was lowered in 1990 by President Idriss Déby Itno, then fled to Senegal, where he had lived for more than 22 years. The Workers` Group regrets that Parliament, which has a number of legitimate concerns, does not further blame the Council for this inappropriate approach; He was accused of signing a press release from the Togolese Free Press Association (ATEPP). No Sudanese head of state has imprisoned and tortured more bishops, priests and worshippers than Bashir, said Ulrich Delius, African adviser to the GfbV. He was transferred to the civil prison in Lomé. Anton GRAF was arrested on 3 April 1942 in Salzburg and accused of repeatedly linked leaders of the revolutionary socialists in the Altreich and Ostmark [Austria]. An adviser to President Rohani, Akbar Turkan, has called on former President Ahmadinejad to repent, before God and the nation, for all the problems he has created for the country, such as a political sphere. The European Parliament, in its resolution of 18

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