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  • 25 września 2021
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All lease breaks by the tenant do not mean that the lessor has the right to terminate the lease. The Tribunal may issue a termination order only if the offence is sufficiently qualified to warrant termination in the circumstances of the case. The tenant`s obligations are defined by this lease and the specific laws at the place of ownership. The tenant`s main obligations are to pay the rent on time and not to cause damage to the premises. See „Lease Transfer” and „Breach of Contract” at the end of this fact sheet. In some cases, the lessor may request a termination order without notifying you. (See „Application to the Court without Notice” below)) If the tenant unlawfully terminates the contract by leaving the premises (i.e. he leaves the premises and terminates the payment of the rent), the lessor is usually entitled to compensation. The amount of the compensation depends on the agreement of the lessor and the lessee in the residential lease agreement (paragraphs 41 and 42).

In order to increase security for both the landlord and the tenant, it is recommended that they accept a break fee before the conclusion of the lease. (a) the owner/intermediary has breached the contract and (b) the breach is sufficient to warrant termination. Termination for non-payment of rent If you have breached the agreement only by being in arrears in rent, the landlord/agent may give you a termination for non-payment. You must pay at least 14 days` rent before you can give yourself this message. If the lessor terminates the contract in a manner that is not permitted by law, he is not entitled to compensation for the failure to pay. The only amount to which they are entitled is the rent until the date of termination. However, if the tenant withdraws before the date of termination, he is not required to pay the rent for the period between the extract and the date of termination. If you are applying for an OPS, you must also request that the rent be paid to the court (see below).

If the court makes an SPO overnight, ask that your application be „re-engaged” if the landlord does not comply (this means you will not have to start again with a new application). Early rent is not money that the landlord can keep in reserve as a form of additional rental loan. A tenant can no longer be asked to pay rent until the last rent paid has been used. For example; on the day of the start of the rental, the tenant can pay two weeks` rent and be 14 days in advance. Each day, the tenant is one day less, so the tenant is no longer in advance with the rent at the next rent deadline (two weeks later). With the next payment of 14 days, the tenant is back 14 days in advance and the cycle continues. If the tenant correctly terminates the contract (i.e. uses the correct form and terminates at least 21 days in advance), the lessor is not entitled to compensation. The only amount the landlord can receive is rent up to the date of termination. If a „fixed” term is chosen, the rental agreement may persist even after the expiry of the tenancy, if both the lessor and the tenant so wish. In some jurisdictions, the law states that this is a periodic lease, usually from month to month, although this may vary. In other jurisdictions, the temporary lease may become, upon expiration, an „all-you-can-eat lease” or a „lease” that lasts only as long as both parties wish and is not subject to as much legal protection as a periodic lease.

If you wish to terminate all rights to a fixed-term rental agreement as soon as the rental agreement expires, you must terminate it correctly before the expiry of the term of the rental agreement, in accordance with local law.. . . .

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