Ihs Subscription Agreement

  • 23 września 2021
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Subscriber agrees that access to CGS data is explicitly dependent on the effectiveness of CUSIP`s agreement with IHS Markit and that full access under a Subscriber Agreement terminates automatically upon termination of cusip`s license to IHS Markit. Certain IHS Markit subscription products and software product licenses are subject to additional special terms. If a customer order contains a license for a product subject to these additional terms, the completion of the order is subject to the customer`s acceptance of the additional terms and conditions in effect. 15.14 FTSE Russell Tick You are required to enter into a separate license agreement (which may come with additional fees) with The Frank Russell Company (Russell) to access and/or use indices, index values, data or other information on or from Russell Indices („Data”) through the IHS Markit Services. Unless you expressly allow it in your own written agreement with Russell, you may use the data exclusively for internal business purposes (if you are a company) or for individual purposes (if you are an individual) and you may not provide the following information and not allow third parties to do so. . . .

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