Foundational Agreements With Us

  • 9 kwietnia 2021
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While LEMOA means that one partner trusts the other enough to reveal its valuable resources, COMCASA means it is confident that it can rely on encrypted systems to connect the two military. And the latest pact, the BECA, means that countries can share highly secret information in real time without fear of compromise. As the name suggests, COMCASA handles secure military communications. The Logistics Exchange Agreement (LEMOA), an optimized version of the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), was the first „founding agreement” signed by India and the United States. New Delhi: India and the United States finally signed the Basic Agreement on Trade and Cooperation (BECA) for geographical cooperation on Tuesday, the last of the three most important basic agreements between the two countries. The BECA agreement has been under negotiation between India and the United States for more than a decade, as the previous UPA government was concerned about its impact on India`s national security, as the bilateral agreement should also allow India to share similar data with the United States. The agreement is one of the few basic agreements the United States signs with its close partners. The U.S. military`s competitive advantage is mostly maintained by the advanced technologies that the country is constantly developing. The United States sells military equipment to other countries with strict control over its use and use. Take, for example, the B777-300ER aircraft that India recently purchased from Boeing for the use of VVIP. The sale of advanced communication and safety systems on aircraft, which are not available on the market, is done smoothly through basic agreements. The announcement was made following a meeting between Secretary of Defense Rajnath Singh and his U.S.

counterpart Mark Esper, who visited India on the 2-2 dialogue between India and the United States with U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Critics fear that too close a link with the United States will limit India`s decisions. The development of technology makes it inevitable that all military platforms will be integrated and networked in the future. The United States is very specific to the integrity of its networks, and the pressure could increase on India to remain firmly on its side. The United States is particularly dissatisfied with India`s defence cooperation with Russia. India will take over the delivery of Russia`s S-400 missile defense system next year, ignoring US objections. The United States could respond with sanctions. In any event, it will not be possible to integrate russian and American platforms, which could pose new military planning challenges for India. The cost of the OshoCorp Global project is more than 2300 euros, with potential for future orders in the domestic and export market The signing of LEMOA was in itself a confirmation of mutual trust between the two military and its application will strengthen confidence. It took nearly a decade to negotiate LEMOA, and the exercise somehow filled the confidence gap between India and the United States, paving the way for the other two founding pacts. These agreements covered areas such as security and military information, compatibility, security and logistics exchanges, and communications.

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