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Invoices are not sent or booked by email. Instead, parents can download and verify their statements 24/7 via their Xplor account at A Complying Written Agreement (CWA), is an agreement between you and Ironside OSHC. It shows the days when you are permanently iron and the fees we charge you. You must accept your CWA to Xplor so that we can obtain child care scholarships on your behalf. 1. Connect to with the senior manager`s account. If you do not know who is in charge, please ask your center-administrator. If error messages are posted by the government during this operation, you will find more information about the following information: Troubleshooting during the troubleshooting of CCS Red Error Messages in „Government Enrolments” before starting, make sure you have completed your centerlink claim and activity test in MyGov. 2. Click „See the CWA Agreement.” If this button doesn`t show up, please contact your administrator. If your child has a government registration at the Star Club but does not participate in 8 weeks or more, z.B during holidays or occasional bookings, the government will terminate registration and you will need to complete another CWA if you wish to continue asking for discounts.

Go to the our programs tab and click on the type of care you`re looking for. Then choose the school you want to enrol at. Once you have completed the form, Star Club will send you an email with instructions to complete registration in our child care management system, Xplor. 2. Select your child`s name from the dashboard. Each time you change a CWA, you must confirm your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) registration to Centrelink. You can do this via your myGov account. 3. The CWA should appear. Click „I agree.” If you dispute session days or fees, please contact your administrator.

Permanent bookings are consistent sessions booked in advance for a given period at a lower price, to ensure your child`s place in the Star Club. They must be replaced or terminated at least two weeks before. For the service to receive a child care allowance on your behalf, you must complete two steps. Children should bring their snacks after school, a bottle of water and a sun hat. For families who are entitled to discounts, the CWA is a government request that only indicates the meetings you have booked at Star Club and asks you to consent to them. It is then sent to the government to deal with them. Once the CWA is signed, the registration must also be confirmed by MyGov. Every afternoon, there are many experiences for the children. These are often initiated or set up by children to extend to the best interests of a child.

Experiences include creative activities, sports, games, drama, music, dance, construction, cooking and outdoor homework. The experience is offered taking into account the different stages of children`s age and development. If you can`t solve this problem with these suggestions, please contact support. Once the CWA is signed, give the system some time to have the CCS record in MyGov displayed. The registration confirmation steps are available here: Confirm your child`s registration. When registering, the principal assistant must be the person who can apply for grants, so be sure to fill out the correct date of birth of CHILD and PARENT and the client reference numbers (CRN) to qualify for the Child Care Allowance. Remember that CRNs are two INDEPENDENT numbers that can be received via Centrelink. If you have completed your claim and your child is registered with Star Club, you must complete a written agreement on your Xplor account.

Occasional bookings are unique sessions that are booked when needed until availability. They are charged with a slightly higher rate and can be cancelled at any time. 1. Open the Home app. Click „Account,” then „Finance,” once you`ve accepted your CWA into Xplor, you`ll need to validate your new Registration for Ironside OSHC in your MyGov account.

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