Collective Bargaining Agreement Preklad

  • 15 września 2021
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Object of the contract/object of the contract. Subject of the agreement: Agree with jdn, agree with whom, agree with whom, agree with whom: Partnership contract Social agreement Principle: Agreement in principle Framework agreement on the fundamental points of the Treaty Agreement: We have not yet reached an agreement. We have not yet reached an agreement. Rental: Real estate rental agreement Strike: Knock-for-Knock-Waiver agreement Each insurance company only covers the prejudice of its client Rental purchase: lease contract buyback contract to temper: tacit contract / approval / consent, tacit agreement, tacit consent: in agreement / agreement with sthshodally in agreement with vormortem: marriage – / marriage contract / contract, appeal. prenuppředmanská smlouva ústní: oral agreement/traditionustní agreement/tradice jemní: lease agreement/contract, tenancy agreement, contract of lease, to bydlení residential lease contract/agreementnánání smlouva union: union agreementodborářská smlouva with the management of the company dospět: We have reached an agreement. We agreed on that. Agreement Arrangement Bargain Compact Concord Convention – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Trade – Acceptance – Agreement – Consent – Agreement – Collective – Cooperative – Collective – Collective – Collective – Collective – Collective. . . .

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