Agreement Of Mutual Assistance

  • 10 września 2021
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Wishing to put a permanent end to the cooperation between their respective countries resulting from the already exchanged assurances of mutual assistance of a defensive nature, if the parties are involved in hostilities as a result of the application of this Agreement, they shall conclude a ceasefire or a peace treaty only by mutual agreement. The April memorandum stipulates that a non-aggression treaty should be concluded between the following countries: Soviet Russia, Poland, Germany, the Baltic States and Czechoslovakia. This is the first stone of the building. Why have other states like Yugoslavia, Romania and Turkey been left behind? The answer, as we have proposed, is that the French government was afraid of scaring Mussolini. But the characteristic and essential feature of the proposed pact is that the signatories will exchange commitments of mutual support and, although France has not signed the pact itself, it will participate in the commitments. What are the obligations attached to it? Military provisions were virtually useless due to several conditions and the obligation for Britain and Italy to authorize any action. Effectiveness was further undermined by the French government`s persistent refusal to accept a military convention defining how the two armies would coordinate actions in the event of war with Germany. The result was a symbolic pact of friendship and mutual aid, which had nothing but an increase in the prestige of both sides. However, after 1936, the French lost interest and all parties in Europe realized that the treaty was a dead letter. In 1938, the appetite policy of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier ended collective security and continued to promote Nazi aggression. [4] In 1939, French and British diplomats tried to form a military alliance with Moscow, but the Germans offered much better conditions.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939 indicated Moscow`s decisive break with Paris by becoming an economic ally of Germany. [5] 1. It can only participate in the agreement if Germany has also accepted accession, and only if the German-Polish declaration of January is included in the treaty with a special clause providing for its unconditional respect. . . .

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